Whistleblower Policy

The UGL Whistleblower policy and supporting guidelines provides details on the reporting and handling of any improper conduct such as unethical, unlawful or undesirable conduct. It is the policy of UGL to ensure that an open working environment is maintained for the legitimate reporting by all UGL directors, employees or contractors, of any unlawful or improper conduct, without fear of reprisal. The policy applies to all directors, employees and contractors of UGL and its subsidiaries.

UGL maintains an open working environment which includes a safe and easily accessible procedure for all UGL personnel to report actual or suspected improper conduct, without fear of retribution.

Raising questions and concerns reinforces UGL’s commitment to act ethically in every business situation.  Importantly, early detection of potential issues also allows UGL to address concerns before they become larger problems, and to take corrective action if necessary. Above all, UGL is committed to maintaining a culture where all UGL personnel are comfortable asking questions, speaking up and working toward solutions.

UGL will:

  • Encourage UGL personnel to come forward and report instances of improper conduct;
  • Protect individuals that report actual or suspected improper conduct in good faith from any form of retribution, even if the report made proves to be unfounded;
  • Treat reports of actual or suspected improper conduct seriously;
  • Investigate all reports promptly, thoroughly and consistently with applicable law;
  • Take appropriate corrective or disciplinary action for Policy violations;
  • Treat the identity of the whistleblower as confidential unless you indicate (or the law requires) otherwise;
  • Provide for disclosure to be made anonymously however this many affect the ability to investigate the matter properly;
  • Keep investigations confidential to the extent possible;
  • Not tolerate any acts of retaliation (including adverse impact on employment) against anyone who makes a report in good faith of possible improper conduct, or who participates in an investigation of possible wrongdoing.

UGL personnel must not harass or discriminate against anyone who raises a concern in good faith under this policy or who participates in an investigation. Such harassment or discrimination is serious misconduct, and may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

Reporting procedure

Any UGL Personnel that wishes to report improper conduct under this policy is encouraged to first speak to their immediate manager.

If the whistleblower has a concern about reporting to their immediate manager for any reason, they may report to their Line Manager, the Business Unit Human Resources, Legal Counsel or directly through the Whistleblower Report Line, telephone number +61 2 9492 1403 or email at confidential@ugllimited.com.

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