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UGL Unipart Rail Services Pty Ltd was founded in December 2011 as a joint venture between UGL (Australia) and Unipart Rail (UK). The Joint Venture was formed following the successful bid and tender for the Sydney Trains (RailCorp) Level 3 maintenance contract to provide heavy maintenance and supply chain services to 1,050 passenger cars for Sydney’s metropolitan fleet.

The UGL Unipart Joint Venture combines UGL’s asset management, maintenance capability and intimate
knowledge of Sydney’s passenger rolling stock, Unipart Rail’s international expertise in inventory purchasing,
logistics management and lean practices along with MTR Corporation’s knowledge on maximising assets to their full potential.

With the combined expertise from UGL, Unipart and MTR, UGL Unipart drives efficiencies within our supply chain, workshops and processes to provide our clients with ongoing successful projects and cost effective initiatives.

Our maintenance services, supply chain and value engineering initiatives have increased our client’s fleet availability, reliability and safety.

UGL Unipart is headquartered in Auburn, NSW on a 17 hectare site at the geographical heart of Sydney.

  • Collision damage repairs
  • Component maintenance – mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic
  • Corrosion removal and protection
  • Engineering design services: design, FEA, fabrication of prototypes, etc.
  • Heavy maintenance – scheduled vehicle servicing
  • Lean consulting
  • Line maintenance – maintenance and support services at the client’s site
  • Supply chain diagnostic services
  • Supply chain procurement and forecasting
  • Supply chain repair management
  • Supply chain warehousing and logistics
  • Value engineering
  • Vehicle paint finishing
  • Vehicle refurbishment and refresh

Extending the service life of client assets

Committed to serving clients well after an asset is commissioned, UGL Unipart offers comprehensive whole of life solutions for client assets that help clients achieve competitiveness and profitability ensuring long-term operational success. Whatever the application, UGL Unipart will meet the requirements for efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility, providing lower life-cycle costs and the best possible return on investment.


Lower costs, reduced risk and improved reliability

UGL Unipart’s portfolio of through-life support services facilitates preventative maintenance activities, major overhauls, modifications and heavy repairs. UGL Unipart works closely with its clients to set performance targets and implements management and maintenance programmes. Essentially, the company employs an approach which emphasises the work needed to maintain clients’ assets in a condition that allows it to reach its maximum service potential.


Delivering cost savings

Improvement in train availability and reliability is achieved through the inventory purchasing and logistics management of UGL Unipart. Clients achieve efficiencies and cost savings by drawing on Unipart Rail’s success in providing excellent service levels to clients throughout the UK. The combination of Unipart Rail’s systems, robust processes and supply chain capability aligned with UGL’s asset management expertise
and experience delivers improved high levels of service to clients.


Enabling greater efficiencies

Refurbishing assets allows clients to modernise and therefore extend the lifetime of their existing product or
infrastructure. This enables clients to defer investment costs that otherwise would apply when procuring new
assets. UGL Unipart’s refurbishment expertise includes passenger rolling stock, freight wagon, tram car, bus and coach, locomotive wheel sets and bogie overhauls. UGL Unipart draws on a wealth of experience in refurbishing and upgrading client’s assets delivering innovative salvage capabilities that restore used assets to their original condition and specifications to extend asset life.

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