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UGL is a leading provider of turnkey high voltage (HV) substations of up to 500kV, having delivered over 50 projects in the last 10 years; 27 of which were Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) in character. Our business has the maturity, strength and resources to successfully deliver remote and complex projects.

Our project, engineering and construction processes constantly evolve to ensure we deliver projects of the highest quality. Our substations are delivered, tested and commissioned to meet the most demanding criteria of safety and security.

UGL has a national substation design team, comprised of experienced primary, secondary, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), structural and civil engineers, capable of the complete engineering of the most complex of projects, whether greenfield or brownfield.

  • Communications and control systems
  • High Voltage (HV) Air (AIS) or Gas (GIS) Insulated Substations
  • High Voltage (HV) plant maintenance
  • Power transformer installation refurbishment and testing
  • Staged construction of substations in and adjacent to live installations

UGL is a leading provider of solutions and services for Air-Insulated Substations (AIS), critical in high-capacity high-voltage power transmission systems. Our services include the complete planning, delivery and turnkey erection of air-insulated substations of up to 500kV.

Working closely with clients, UGL delivers tailor-made AIS solutions especially when it comes to step-up systems in connection with power stations and large transformer substations in extra-high voltage transmission systems.

Accounting for a wide variety of factors, UGL’s substation switchyard design takes into consideration the coordinates of incoming and outgoing overhead lines, the number and location of transformers and specified voltage levels, also fundamental to switchyard layout.


UGL supplies Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) for rated voltages of up to 500 kV. Having access to multiple types of switchgear from leading technology partners, UGL holds ideal solutions for most indoor and outdoor switching applications. All of UGL’s GIS meet the highest requirements in terms of efficiency, safety, and reliability.

UGL’s GIS have been designed with economic efficiency in mind which pays off during the entire lifecycle of the substation and ensures a number of cost benefits to the client. Every GIS solution has been thoroughly optimised for easy operation, accessibility, safety, and dependability.


As a part of our advanced substation offering, UGL provides expertise and targeted solutions beginning with the initial installation and on through the entire transformer service life. UGL installs rectifier transformers of up to 500kV designed according to exact client specifications which take into consideration voltage, power, system topography, and noise emission levels.

Transformers are also relatively expensive long-term capital assets. With this in mind, UGL’s knowledge and services throughout the entire transformer lifecycle can make all the difference.


The company continues to deliver proven solutions for the optimisation of electrical substation operations. UGL’s control systems division delivers an extensive range of products and services designed to enable energy providers to control, monitor and protect substations in the most effective manner possible with the lowest lifecycle cost.

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