SigView™ is a modern UGL train control system currently in use on over 300 km’s of metropolitan and regional train networks around Australia and South East Asia.

This highly scalable system provides a high level of customisation and interoperability, while enabling rapid deployment and substantially reduced capital and life cycle costs.

Built on 20 years of signalling train control experience, the integration of this specialist technology breathes new life into both new and existing passenger networks and delivers increased operability, reliability, efficiency and safety for infrastructure owners, passengers and freight companies.


  • Highly scalable and fully integrated train control and management system
  • High availability system with full and multiple redundancy and fault tolerance standards
  • Automated processing for improved efficiency including automatic route set and conflict queues
  • Timetable integration and fleet management
  • Intelligent real time alarms and alarm management including SPAD and track analysis alarms
  • Route stacking and long routes management
  • Blocking facility with electronic notepad for easy retrieval of information
  • Train describer (Train ID)
  • Control area allocation
  • PI and CCTV integration
  • Pseudo-Interlocking and route management
  • Real time field equipment monitoring and management
  • Logging and reporting facilities including performance and enterprise systems integration
  • Advanced maintenance tools including trending, equipment usage counters and network management
  • Rapid development environment built-on open standards
  • Industry standard hardware and networking architecture
  • Support for ultra-high resolution multi-monitor configuration
  • Support for virtualised architecture for reduced hardware and improved deployment
  • Proven 20 year history of operation throughout Australia and internationally with ongoing product improvement and support from UGL
  • Signalling Multiple Access Processor (SigMap™) to provide multiple protocol interfacing
  • Full simulation and replay facilities
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