SigMap™ is used to connect different signalling and train control systems together, supporting multiple protocols simultaneously and where needed, transposing data between the different connections using a high level based language.

SigMap™ consists of an industrial based computer with dual power supplies and connections for a diagnostic VDU.

Standard serial and ethernet ports are incorporated in the hardware with additional communication cards installed to provide the data connections required. These may be UDP, TCPIP, RS 232, RS 422 and RS 485.


  • Seamless interface between signalling interlockings, train control systems and other devices
  • Up to 30 simultaneous device connections per single unit with full protocol conversion and logic processing
  • Support for wide range of serial and IP protocols including BR1631, BR1921A, Modbus master and slave, Modbus TCP master and slave, JZA, PIDS, Genisys and Genisys UDP, simultaneously through single device
  • Very high reliability utilising proven COTS hardware
  • Comprehensive diagnostic error and logging display
  • Excellent system availability exceeding 99.999%


  • Equipment room and ruggedised field models available
  • Detailed data connection diagnostics display during runtime
  • Includes internal counters and timers which can be used within high level language
  • Internal data bits can be used as latches or storage points
  • Indication of all configured identity tags
  • Diagnostic error and log messages for protocol debugging
  • Rapid configuration utilising high-level language
  • Intel x86 multi core processor
  • Windows Embedded OS
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