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Communication networks are becoming more complex with many interlinking elements. Network owners are looking for greater innovation and for true partners, rather than a diverse group of suppliers.

UGL is uniquely positioned and resourced to support clients in achieving their goals by providing innovative solutions for communication requirements throughout Australasia. With proven skills, outstanding partnerships and world-class technologies, UGL is committed to providing a seamless service across the full range of communication disciplines.

Specialising in the design and delivery of turnkey systems, UGL has developed unrivalled technical expertise in communication products across all network layers. UGL works closely with clients to ensure delivered systems incorporate the best technology available, where our product range complements rather than drives the solution for our clients.

Our team is highly trained with wide ranging skill sets enabling us to provide all aspects of a turnkey project. Coupling ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) accreditation, UGL has developed mature partnerships with major suppliers of software and hardware components, including representation of leading equipment manufacturers from around the globe. Support for our partners’ products is also provided locally via our in house service and repair capability.

UGL's multidisciplinary expertise provides communication solutions across all industry sectors. UGL offers a diverse range of cost effective wired and wireless communication solutions to enable the prompt and reliable deployment of multi-services to support a wide range of applications from mission-critical control voice/data/video services to the smart grid infrastructure.


UGL offers innovative telecommunication product solutions to support the business of carriers, government, corporate and small to medium size enterprises (SME’s). Our extensive product and equipment portfolio allows us to support any service (legacy or next generation) over any network infrastructure (fibre, wireless and copper).

UGL provides equipment for:

  • Broadband Access - GPON; FTTx and DSLAM Solutions
  • Cellular and DSLAM Backhauling
  • Console and Power Remote Management
  • Demarcation Devices
  • Digital Video Networking
  • Ethernet Access Solutions
  • Fibre Access Solutions - CWDM/DWDM; Ethernet MAN;
  • Free Space Optic Wireless Solutions
  • Industrial Grade Data Communication Equipment
  • Intelligent Metering
  • Multi-service Access over PDH; SDH and IP/MPLS
  • Network Management Systems
  • PDH and SDH Digital Microwave Systems
  • Pseudowire Access Solutions - Time Division Multiplexing over IP (TDMoIP) and MultiServices over IP
  • TDM; ATM; Frame Relay; X.25 and IP Technologies
  • Traffic Load Balancing Solutions
  • Unlicensed Wireless Solutions
  • Voice Traffic Optimisation and Voice Compression Systems
  • Voice, Data, Video, LAN multiplexing
  • VoIP Trunking and Gateway
  • xDSL; Ethernet First Mile Access Solutions

EMR can be described as the invisible energy radiated by an energised antenna, cable or driven element creating both electric and magnetic fields. The extent of exposure to these types of (EMR) fields in Australia is regulated by government Legislation and OH&S acts, in order to protect workers and the general public. Radio transmitter licensees, engineers and facility managers have a legal obligation to comply with safe working practices associated with EMR.

UGL can assist and work with organisations to meet these obligations and produce documented standards for their implementation. UGL has developed the highly specialised skills required to test radio transmission facilities for compliance with EMR Human exposure regulations (ARPANSA RPS3).

With a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation (AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020), UGL offers a comprehensive range of EMR services, including prediction and measurement of on-site conditions, pre-compliance assessments and investigations.

UGL’s EMR professional services include: 

  • Approved RF Assessor
  • Asset equipment register and Identification of users
  • Compliance documentation
  • Development application (DA) and review
  • EMR Consultancy, Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Environmental impact reports (ARPANSA)
  • Measurements – Broad and Narrow band
  • Process and procedure Safety Documentation
  • Risk Management (EMR)
  • Site communications Management
  • Site Cumulative EMR modelling
  • Site design and Risk analysis
  • Training – RF Awareness for industry

UGL has a team of specialist engineers and draftsmen undertaking complex 3D modelling of communication facilities, comprising of multiple antennae operating over various frequency bands, to identify the cumulative exposure limit boundaries in accordance with the RPS3 limits.              

This activity has been undertaken for all the major telecommunication companies with UGL compiling in access of thousand reports for modelling purposes. Currently UGL is the largest licence holder and user of IXUS software in Australia.

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