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UGL delivers leading design, supply, construction and maintenance solutions for overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution systems.

To meet the growing energy demands and challenges and to help utilities and large electro-intensive industries such as railway, oil & gas and minerals & metals, UGL’s design and engineering teams work hand in hand with clients to develop tailored and cost effective solutions.

Well positioned to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow, UGL boasts expertise which has always ensured higher safety, reliability and capacity of power grids throughout Australia and New Zealand. UGL has assembled extensive specialised plant and equipment and in-house design expertise capable of undertaking turnkey projects up to 500kV. Our commitment to safety, customer satisfaction and a responsible approach to environmental management, enable UGL to maximise client deliverables.

Our capabilities

  • Engineering design of transmission lines and underground cables up to 500kV (including cable system design, line design, structure design, foundation design)
  • Procurement and construction of Extra High Voltage (EHV)transmission lines up to 500kV
  • Procurement and construction of Extra High Voltage (EHV) underground cables up to 400kV
  • Testing and commissioning of Extra High Voltage (EHV) power systems

The design, procurement, construction and refurbishment of efficient and reliable overhead transmission lines forms UGL’s core offering in the power transmission industry.

Our innovative solutions for Extra High-Voltage (EHV) transmission lines are being used around Australia and New Zealand to efficiently connect wind farms with mainland power grids, to transport electricity over long distances with minimum loss and to link regional power grids with one another.

Efficient power transmission is the cornerstone of sustainable, ecofriendly and climate-compatible energy systems. Our role, as a regional leader in overhead transmission line solutions is to help our clients make the right decisions which enable an optimal return on their investment.

UGL shares the responsibility of improving project outcomes, working closely with clients to manage risk effectively and to ensure that long-term, sustainable value is delivered, whilst minimising cost throughout the asset lifecycle.


The backbone of the electric power supply usually consists of extra high-voltage cable systems. Solutions of increasing technical sophistication are required in large cities as well as for the development of the power supply in regional areas.

Specialist construction techniques for the delivery of cabling systems developed by UGL have overcome major challenges and led to significant improvements in minimising risk and maximising efficiency.

Working collaboratively with clients, UGL can offer the full range of services for extra high-voltage cable systems up to 400 kV from a single source, starting with cable engineering design and construction up to the final test and ongoing maintenance after installation. Our expertise in delivering cabling solutions effectively links offshore and onshore power generation to substations and to grid networks.

UGL is one of only a few specialist providers with the ability to operate across the spectrum from 132kV to 400kV, providing a portfolio of services that includes the ability to assess feasibility and scope the detailed requirements of a contract in advance of construction.

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