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UGL delivers advanced solutions in gas, diesel, thermal, wind and hydro power generation. Ranging from small power requirements to large utility plants, UGL works with leading power generation technology providers to design tailored solutions to meet the particular operating needs of our clients. From fast starts that swiftly meet grid load requirements, to high availability and reliability to keep operators online, UGL solutions can meet every requirement.

The UGL team is recognised for its expertise in the delivery of brownfield projects where interaction with existing facilities and working on high voltages and live plants requires a higher level of understanding and thorough planning. The company has the ability to undertake pre-feasibility requirements analysis, feasibility studies, FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) studies and full project implementation from concept design through to commission.

Depending on the requirement, UGL has the flexibility to work within a range of contracting models. We have completed projects based on target cost, balance of plant and construction works with base engines free-issued by clients. We can also deliver full turnkey Engineer Procure Construction (EPC) projects in partnership with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and other key suppliers.

Our engineering capability includes over 50 in-house professional staff whose experience covers open cycle and combined cycle power plants. With disciplines including civil, mechanical and electrical, instrumentation and control, UGL is able to integrate a power plant from any OEM provider to suit Australian statutory requirements. Our experience for the energy and resources sectors includes power generation projects across Australia and New Zealand.


In electric power generation, a combined cycle plant is an assembly of heat engines that work in tandem off the same source of heat, converting it into mechanical energy, which in turn usually drives electrical generators.

UGL delivers combined cycle power plants that provide flexibility for the easy selection of options to meet specific market and customer needs. The company is able to design, supply, construct and commission combined cycle power plants with current projects ranging from 200 megawatts up to more than 500 megawatts.


The benefit of employing open cycle power plants is that they can be brought on-line when generation or transmission system problems threaten supply. The open cycle power station that UGL delivers can be started and brought to full load within minutes, making the plant ideal to meet peak load demands.

UGL has successfully completed more than six open-cycle power plants since 2008 ranging in size from 40 megawatts to 200 megawatts.


Co-generation is the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy from a common fuel source. With broad industrial experience, fuel flexibility, high exhaust energy-to-power ratio, exhaust temperature, and reliability, our co-generation offerings are an excellent fit for industrial and refinery requirements, providing electricity and process steam.


The tri-generation process produces power, heat and cooling from a single fuel source. UGL is able to design and supply turnkey solutions to meet cooling, heating and power needs. This form of power generation can be a cost-effective solution for both new and existing commercial developments. Typical examples include hospitals, data rooms, office building and large residential complexes.


In addition to economical use and efficient transformation of fossil raw materials, the focus will shift increasingly to renewable energy sources for the generation of electrical energy. Building on a strong power generation heritage spanning more than 50 years, UGL has the capability to deliver onshore wind turbines with our OEM partners that deliver optimal performance, availability and reliability, creating more value for our clients.


UGL has expanded on its traditional core businesses, and is set to become a major player in the engineering, design, construction and operation of utility scale solar power plants in Australia. We see this a significant growth opportunity, and solar will become a substantial part of our business.

UGL draws on its knowledge, capability and vast experience of delivering large infrastructure projects for power utilities, mines, defence, water, rail and transport sectors.

Our mission is to drive the cost of solar energy towards grid parity, and offer highly professional, competitive and industry leading EPC and O&M services to the solar industry.


Hydropower is one of the most flexible forms of renewal power generation, being suitable for peak, base load production or pumped storage. UGL is able to provide a range of solutions for hydro power generation that cover  the entire scope of service including design, engineering, project management, operations and maintenance.


UGL’s control systems division delivers an extensive range of products and services for enhancing availability, flexibility and profitability in power generation. The company continues to deliver proven solutions for the optimisation of plant operations, maintenance and power plant management. System development has drawn on know-how gathered during the implementation of numerous power generation projects.

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