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UGL has a distinguished portfolio of work in relation to the delivery of rail technology solutions for the passenger rail sector of Australia and South East Asia. From 1977, UGL has delivered the majority of Sydney’s metropolitan rolling stock fleet. During this time we have initiated generational refinement in our designs and processes. Our award-winning Oscar Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) rail car is a standout of this period.

UGL has designed and manufactured double and single deck Electric Multiple Units (EMUs), single deck Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) and Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs).

We have the capacity and expertise to meet client requirements in design, capacity, accessibility, production and operational performance. Flexibility, economy, comfort and usability are the focal points of our passenger rolling stock design and development model.

  • Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs)
  • Electric Multiple Units (EMUs)
  • Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs)
  • Sub-assemblies

UGL Unipart Rail Services Pty Ltd was founded in December 2011 as a joint venture between UGL (Australia) and Unipart Rail (UK). The Joint Venture was formed following the successful bid and tender for the Sydney Trains (RailCorp) Level 3 maintenance contract to provide heavy maintenance and supply chain services to 1,050 passenger cars in Sydney’s metropolitan fleet.

The UGL Unipart Joint Venture combines UGL’s asset management, maintenance capability and intimate
knowledge of Sydney’s passenger rolling stock, Unipart Rail’s international expertise in inventory purchasing, logistics management and lean practices along with MTR Corporation’s knowledge on  maximising assets to their full potential.

With the combined expertise from UGL, Unipart and MTR, UGL Unipart drives efficiencies within our supply chain, workshops and processes to provide our clients with ongoing successful projects and cost effective initiatives.

Our maintenance services, supply chain and value engineering initiatives have increased our client’s fleet  availability, reliability and safety.

UGL Unipart is headquartered in Auburn, NSW on a 17 hectare site at the geographical heart of Sydney.

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