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UGL ensures the smooth operation of newly acquired assets after project delivery. Our trained technicians, proven operational systems and processes, and diverse experience in asset management are tailored to meet exacting availability expectations and provide optimal outcomes for asset owners.

Our philosophy is to assume full operational responsibility, share our knowledge and work collaboratively with clients to deliver maximum availability and reliability, process integrity, increased safety and sustainability, and reduced life cycle cost and risk.

Our operations people have the technical expertise to tackle complex challenges and to do so safely and efficiently. UGL can provide highly trained personnel for rail infrastructure, road systems and water treatment, including teams for HSE and emergency management.

Our End to End delivery model
Design Construct Fabricate Manufacture Commission Operate Maintain Supply Chain & Technical Services Refurbish & Upgrade Decommission

UGL delivers solutions across every phase of the engineering process tailored to our client’s requirements, from concept design, detailed design and development through to simulation, validation and optimisation tasks. Applying advanced techniques, UGL’s engineering capability sets the foundation for the successful delivery of a project or product. This includes the engineering disciplines of electrical, mechanical, civil and structural, instrumentation and controls, technology integration and systems integration.


Construct is the next phase in a project lifecycle, where an engineering design concept comes to life for an essential piece of infrastructure. From robust planning to integrated design, efficient procurement, optimised construction and seamless transition to operation, every aspect of UGL's construction delivery model is focused on achieving aligned outcomes for clients. With resources across the region and highly refined systems and procedures, we offer tailored solutions to meet and exceed client expectations.


Fabricate is a value-added process employing various raw materials supporting both manufacturing and construction activities. With several sites strategically placed around Australia, UGL provides a full range of fabrication, field welding qualification and quality control services. Established systems and expertise allow us to offer clients a full end-to-end solution, inclusive of design, detailing, fabrication, machining, site installation and field services. UGL has an established international supply chain network which can be utilised to minimise costs.


UGL continues to set the benchmark in performance, reliability, flexibility and profitability for clients with our portfolio of manufactured products. Combining capabilities across the company from our experience in manufacturing, integration, operations and support we have the ability to design products to meet the most demanding user requirements.


Commissioning is critical to the life of any project or asset. The commission process involves a series of vital checks prior to operation. UGL's complete commissioning service plays an important role in negating risk and reaching performance goals right from the first turn of the key.


After the delivery of a project, UGL continues to support clients by ensuring the reliable operation of their newly acquired assets. Our operational capability is tailored to meet today's exacting availability expectations. With our trained technicians, proven operational systems and processes and diverse experience in asset management, UGL will provide optimal business outcomes for our clients.


Critical assets require regular monitoring and care to ensure reliable performance. Efficient long-term asset service life is the ultimate step to maximise return on investment. Clients are able to lower costs, reduce operational risk and improve reliability, safety and availability of their assets by leveraging UGL's best practice maintenance capability.

Supply Chain & Technical Services

From an extensive range of spare parts to expertise in warehousing and logistics, to technical and support services, UGL is committed to adding value for clients by sustaining asset availability and reliability. UGL's supply chain and technical services are key elements in providing strategic maintenance and component replacement, installation, technical and support activities.

Refurbish & Upgrade

Asset refurbishment to maintain and extend the life of existing plant and equipment can defer investment cost and be of major benefit. UGL draws on our wealth of experience in the refurbishment and upgrade of assets to deliver innovative salvage capabilities enabling restoration of used assets to near-original condition and specification in order to extend asset life.


Infrastructure assets have finite economic lives. UGL has the capability to restore client sites to greenfield status in a safe, cost effective and environmentally conscious manner. For rail products and industrial equipment, UGL delivers decommissioning solutions to optimise an asset's recycling potential. We support end-of-life assets, client succession and renewal strategies as part of our whole of life cycle offering.


To enable the delivery of our operations services, we have advanced capabilities in:

  • Certified operations training programs
  • Direct labour and subcontractor management
  • Energy management and emissions reduction
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Operations analysis, planning, review, governance and reporting
  • Pre-operations planning
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Production O&M management
  • Production scheduling and material requirements planning
  • Recruitment of operations personnel
  • Safety and risk management
  • Specialist engineering services
  • Providing support to ensure the smooth operation of newly acquired assets
  • Deliver optimal availability and reliability, process integrity, increased safety and sustainability, and reduced life cycle cost and risk
  • Engineers are involved in all facets of the project life cycle, from concept development through to operation, maintenance and shutdown planning
  • Knowledgeable, safety-aware and experienced resources can be accessed and available for deployment in the shortest possible time to project locations
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