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UGL has built long standing relationships with many major oil and gas companies through the innovative solutions we provide to the sector. Our capabilities cover all aspects of upstream, midstream and downstream operations, including onshore and offshore processing, LNG plants, oil refineries, gas facilities and petrochemical plants.

Our focus is to strengthen every link of the value chain for our clients. We find innovative ways to optimise equipment performance, improve environmental safety and provide reliable energy supply. Engineering design, cost effective materials, installation processes, controls and life cycle maintenance are all critical to success and key advantages of our comprehensive capabilities.

The success of UGL is built on our culture of safety, dedication and commitment, partnered with the leading technical skills of our people. Our services are supported by fully equipped manufacturing, mechanical and electrical workshops throughout Australia, strategically located to allow UGL to respond promptly to our clients’ needs.

UGL provides project delivery and asset management and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry across Australia and South East Asia.


UGL delivers critical upstream oil and gas infrastructure and equipment. Our solutions provide maximum availability and reliability that successfully contend with the gruelling demands of upstream operator environments.

From the delivery of work packages for offshore production facilities through to the maintenance of offshore drilling rigs and the design and fabrication of complex gas dehydration units for offshore petroleum platforms, UGL’s experience in upstream operations is comprehensive.

UGL’s expertise for upstream oil and gas operations includes:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Offshore production facilities
  • Floating production storage and off-loading units
  • Gas compression, treatment, desanding, dehydration

UGL is a leading provider of project delivery and asset management services involved right along the Liquidfied Natural Gas (LNG) chain.

With experience in the LNG industry that spans over thirty years, UGL’s whole of life capability includes structural, mechanical and piping construction services for large LNG projects and major maintenance activities on facilitates that support midstream operations such as gas plants.

UGL’s expertise for midstream oil and gas operations includes:

  • Offshore and onshore facilities and equipment for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Facilitates and equipment for Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
  • Distribution pipelines

UGL delivers service excellence throughout the entire lifecycle for our clients’ operational assets with capabilities that cover all aspects of their downstream operations.

For refineries, petrochemical plants and onshore processing facilities, clients benefit from employing UGL’s expertise in operations and maintenance. This includes an operational toolkit that links continuous  improvement with performance measurement to assist site based workforces in managing their business.

UGL’s asset management capability delivers increased productivity and operational reliability through  shutdowns, turnarounds and improved planning where all maintenance activities required are available through our systems.

UGL’s expertise for downstream oil and gas operations includes:

  • Onshore processing facilities
  • Distribution pipelines
  • Onshore trunk lines
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical plant
  • Storage facilities
  • Communications and Control systems
  • Utilities
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