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Municipal Wastewater describes the flow of used water from a community.

Wastewater treatment is a vital service, one in which UGL has a substantial track record.

UGL offers a whole-of-life approach to the construction and management of wastewater assets. Whether it is the delivery of a stand-alone projects or a complete service package that successfully manages plant operations, our holistic solutions across municipal wastewater lead to greater efficiencies and reliability.

Clients benefit from UGL’s combined broad portfolio of global technologies, strong engineering expertise, proven installation experience and asset lifecycle services to develop the best treatment options for municipalities.

In providing environmental solutions that reduce solids, phosphorous, nitrogen loadings and odour emissions, UGL will engineer, construct, commission, operate, maintain and upgrade both major city and rural municipal wastewater treatment plants to suite any requirement.


Delivering future-proofed outcomes for our clients is a core focus for UGL with the solutions we provide in wastewater treatment. Clients receive integrated water infrastructure solutions through UGL’s established systems and procedures ensuring safety and quality while minimising environmental and community impacts.

The advantages of our whole-of-life offering include the smooth transfer of engineering knowledge and innovation within our team as the project moves through its phases. Clients are able to reduce risk and cost through the reduction in the number of interfaces provided by UGL’s project solution in wastewater treatment that has set new standards for sustainable design and construction.

After the delivery of wastewater infrastructure, our whole-of-life approach to treatment plants aims to maximise efficiency, optimise performance and sustain reliability through rigorous preventative maintenance programs.

For existing operations, UGL provides a complete lifecycle service solution. Plant operators benefit from UGL’s expanded knowledge and experience in addressing issues that would otherwise rarely be encountered during typical daily plant operation. Our suite of diagnostic tools, which include a condition audit, help identity plant performance deficiencies. From there, UGL can advise and implement a solution that may include asset upgrades and operator outsourcing in order to optimise plant performance. Our clients also benefit from the training provided which up-skill staff ensuring an operations long term success.

UGL’s expertise in municipal wastewater includes:

  • Screenings and grit removal
  • Primary sedimentation
  • Biological nutrient removal (Intermittently Decanted Aerated Lagoons (IDAL), Modified Ludzack-Ettinger (MLE), oxidation ditch)
  • Clarification (conventional clarifiers, flat bottom clarifiers)
  • Membrane filtration (Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Nano-filtration (NF))
  • Advanced Treatment (Reverse Osmosis)
  • Tertiary filters and disinfection (chlorination, UV)
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Sludge handling and dewatering technologies
  • Chemical treatment
  • Odour Control
  • Biogas Co-generation

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on the planet, and as our demand for water grows and weather patterns change, alternative sources of water will be essential to meet the needs of future generations. One solution is to preserve precious fresh water for drinking purposes and recycle wastewater for other, non-potable uses.

With innovative technology tailored to individual client needs, UGL is at the forefront of reuse technology, using specialist in-house design expertise to help our clients ensure that our precious resources are preserved for the future.


UGL has long been involved in the development and implementation of membrane technologies which provide drinking water from seawater and high quality water from contaminated sources.

UGL’s experience in membrane technologies include pressure membranes, and immersed membranes providing either microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), and pressure membranes for nano-filtration (NF) or reverse osmosis (RO). UGL has also designed and supplied membrane bioreactors, with membranes immersed directly in the aeration tank of a wastewater treatment plant.


We also offer our clients the most cost effective and technically sound control system solution. UGL has developed specialist in-house capabilities in control, instrumentation and SCADA engineering. With a large team of engineers dedicated to the water sector full time, UGL has self-performed the system integration work on some of our largest projects to date which have achieved numerous industry awards.

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