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Improving efficiency and reducing emissions for one of Western Australias largest power plants

Kwinana High Efficiency Gas Turbine Project (HEGT) for Verve Energy

Verve Energy
Project Duration
Commenced: 2009
Estimated Completion
Kwinana, Western Australia
Project Overview

Kwinana Power Station (KPS), owned by Verve Energy, is located 40km south of Perth in Western Australia. KPS has undergone a transformation which included the installation of two 100 Megawatt (MW) capacity, high efficiency gas turbines (HEGT).

KPS consisted of four decommissioned 120 MW steam powered generating units and two operating 200 MW steam powered generating units and a 20 MW gas turbine.  These three remaining operating units together produce 420 MW, sufficient to power 4.2 million 100Watt globes. It is the only power plant in Australia that has the flexibility to operate on a multi-fuel system able to burn coal, gas and oil.

UGL was contracted by Verve Energy to undertake the Kwinana High Efficiency Gas Turbine Project (HEGT) at KPS. The plant upgrade drew on the company’s ability to deliver reliable and technically complex power generation solutions that meet with today’s stringent environmental standards.

The Challenge

Verve Energy embarked on a generation replacement program that included the installation of two new high efficiency gas turbines where two of the decommissioned 120 MW steam powered generating units stood before they were demolished by Verve Energy.

The Solution

Verve Energy contracted UGL to deliver the Kwinana project. A key factor in Verve’s decision to select UGL was based on UGL winning the Stratford Peaker project in New Zealand for Contact Energy in 2008, being
the first installation of the GE LMS100™ units in the Southern Hemisphere.  

The overall project scope envisaged the replacement of existing generation assets with a nominal gross total of 200 MW of new plant. The HEGT Project Works comprises two  General Electric (GE) LMS100 gas turbines of nominal 100 MW output each and the Gas Turbine Generator (GTG), including auxiliaries, a generator, a turbine and DCS.

The LMS100 design is based on heavy-duty frame gas and aero-derivative gas turbines. It is the first intercooled gas turbine system designed by General Electric (GE) especially
for the power generation industry.

The solutions scope of work also included:

  • Management of the site including safety, quality and administration
  • Design and installation of the plant foundations including the Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) Foundations and the various Balance of Plant (BOP) footings
  • Design, fabrication and installation of piping systems throughout the plant

Verve Energy chose these high efficiency gas turbines
as ideal for its balancing activities and peaking operations across Western Australia’s South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

Key Outcomes and Benefits

The primary benefit to Verve Energy was the use of a single supplier, with the integrated ability to provide all engineering, design, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and testing of the complete HEGT Works (GTG and Balance of Plant), including all mechanical, civil, electrical, control and other services required.

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