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The irrigation industry is facing significant challenges as it deals with the impact of reduced water availability due to climate change and drought, and the implication of national water reforms aimed at improving the environment.

Supporting our clients in meeting these challenges, UGL is focused on providing sustainable water supplies to agriculture and municipals through the delivery of high performance, efficient irrigation and reticulation infrastructure. UGL has expertise in delivering water recovery projects to create efficiencies and reduce wastage, benefitting both operators and the environment.

UGL has a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions in irrigation and reticulation. Our strong engineering capability in advanced metering and control systems, global technologies, proven installation experience and our whole-of-life operations and maintenance stand poised to bring cost effective outcomes to clients.


UGL collaborates with clients to plan, design and deliver solutions for irrigation and reticulation channels. Whether it is an advanced irrigation network for growers or an efficient delivery system for municipal wastewater, UGL provides concrete and earth lined channels for these specialist areas.

For aging channel infrastructure which is prone to extensive seepage, UGL delivers automated delivery systems and refurbishment solutions that improve water access and efficiency.


Smart irrigation requires metering technology that involves new approaches to the assessment of flow rate characteristics of pressurised systems. UGL provides smart solutions in metering and flow control systems that support efficient and cost effective irrigation operations. Our solutions deliver a number of benefits that include better understanding irrigation system performance, improved irrigation efficiency, energy savings, savings on wear and tear (particularly pumps), time savings, and improved skills and awareness of irrigation operators and industry professionals.


Growers today are using more and varied sources of water to meet their irrigation needs. With irrigation being one of the most important crop inputs, growers are rapidly developing irrigation water sources. If farmers are building a new reservoir, drawing from a canal or using well fields to supply their irrigation needs, UGL can custom engineer a high-efficiency pumping system.

For municipal water and wastewater delivery systems, UGL draws on decades of engineering experience from the delivery of numerous large scale projects to provide a pumping solution to meet the demanding needs of a reticulation scheme.


We also offer our clients the most cost effective and technically sound control system solution. UGL has developed specialist in-house capabilities in control, instrumentation and SCADA engineering. With a large team of engineers dedicated to the water sector full time, UGL has self-performed the system integration work on some of our largest projects to date which have achieved numerous industry awards.

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