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Evolved from over 20 years of fabricated bogie design and manufacturing experience.

The FlexiCurve bogie is UGL’s premium locomotive bogie that provides unprecedented benefits in locomotive performance, reliability and maintainability.

FlexiCurve is a family of bogies for applications ranging from 90t 
1m Narrow Gauge through to 160t 1.7m Broad Gauge.

UGL is an Australian rail engineering company specialising in designing, building, maintaining and refurbishing diesel locomotives, diesel and electric multiple units, freight wagons and passenger cars. Through enduring technology and industry partnerships, UGL provides access to world leading technology and best practice engineering solutions.

  • UGL has designed and supplied over 2,000 locomotive bogies to national and international markets since 1993 since 2006, over 1,600 locomotive bogies have now been manufactured by UGL under license outside Australia by technology transfer
  • UGL is a leading supplier of the latest locomotive bogie technology from GE Transportation
Solution - simple and effective

FlexiCurve is a properly implemented yaw relaxed self-steering design with the following key benefits and features:

  • Even wheel wear across axles
  • Low curving forces, flange lubrication not required
  • Better adhesion in curves
  • Good stability and ride in all service conditions
  • Simple frame design and use of castings reduces capital cost and manufacture
  • Low parts count, common suspension components 
  • No wearing surfaces – only elastomeric bushes
  • Greater than 25% increase in wheel life for diesel locomotives in heavy haul service
  • Simple maintenance, low lifecycle costs
  • Faster change out of wheel and traction motor combos
  • Lower bogie mass
  • Lowest feasible axle spacing provides a more compact bogie design
  • Maximises underframe space
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