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EcoRunTM is a locomotive performance system used to minimise energy consumption by advising the driver on the optimum power notch setting and live reporting of energy use.

EcoRunTM is an innovative product developed by UGL which is unique to the Australian rail market in its support of locomotive operator performance while improving both their cost and environmental performance. Developed by UGL engineers, EcoRunTM can be fitted to any class of locomotive to assist the driver in obtaining optimum efficiency on all routes across Australia.

Historical run data and up-to-date track inputs are loaded into UGL’s patented simulation tool, Traper2TM, which defines and designs the driving path required to optimise the haulage task. This information is used by the EcoRunTM device to provide the driver with instructions to optimise the locomotive’s fuel consumption through a single ‘plug and play’ tablet. This can be mounted to the driver’s desk or anywhere within the operator cab that is suitable for safe operation of the locomotive.

One of the key benefits of EcoRunTM is its versatility. Drivers can remove EcoRunTM from a consist leader
locomotive at the completion of a run and transfer it to a new lead locomotive ready for the next mission. Due to its versatility, there is no requirement to have an EcoRunTM tablet per locomotive which saves cost during the capital purchase phase. EcoRunTM can provide near real time fuel usage data allowing the driver and operators to see the impact of their actions on the fuel usage of the locomotive.



  • Cost effective with typical pay back <18 months
  • Reduction in fuel use by a minimum 3% to 8% on each journey
  • Reduced fuel and operational costs through optimisation of:
    - Train consist configurations/loadings
    - Routes and operations options

Operational Manager

  • Web portal for fleet manager to track fleet performance real-time/or post trip analysis
  • Reports on fuel use against a benchmark


  • Instantaneous fuel readout feedback with best Notch setting guidance
  • Real time location via Google Maps
  • Imminent track profile – driver can plan ahead with EcoRunTM guidance
  • Track restriction guidance (when uploaded by fleet controllers)


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