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Single deck diesel multiple unit
Comfort, safety, versatility and cost effectiveness

The single-deck railcar effectively combines the versatility and cost-effectiveness of its DMU class with a high level of passenger comfort and safety.

Designed to operate in sets of two cars, the incorporation of driver cabs at each end of a configured pair facilitates easy and efficient changes in direction. Each car is equipped with a traction engine and separately powered auxiliary power supply unit to ensure high levels of mission reliability.

This railcar is designed to meet the client’s challenging requirement of protecting passengers in collisions of up to 70km/h, but does not sacrifice power or compromise on stringent manufacturing standards. The vehicle is capable of achieving speeds of 130 km/hour, is manufactured from stainless grade 301, and constructed using  the widely predominant unibody or monocoque (single shell) technique.

Passengers benefit from an advanced two-tier suspension system, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. Reversible wool cloth covered seating comfortably accommodates 146 seated passengers per two-car set, with additional standing space for up to 194 passengers.

The single-deck Diesel Multiple Unit railcar, designed and built by UGL specifically for the requirements of NSW Trains Hunter Valley lines, represents a world-class addition to the state’s regional rail network.

Constructed at UGL’s site in Newcastle, the 14 diesel railcars, made up into seven two-car sets, replace the 620/720 class railcars.

  • Ready access for disabled
  • Toilet facility accessible to mobility disadvantaged passengers
  • Advanced two-tier suspension system
  • Generous luggage space provisions
  • Inter-staff intercom
  • Passenger emergency intercom
  • Digital voice annunciation
  • Video surveillance
  • Destination indicators
  • Internal materials are fire and graffiti resistant
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