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C44ACi standard gauge high speed freight locomotives

Bulking up intermodal operations with high performing and reliable C44ACi locomotives

Pacific National Rail
Contract Value
Project Duration
Commenced: October 2011
Estimated Completion
Completed: July 2012 (first six units)
Service Lines/Product Description

C44ACi diesel electric locomotive

Spotswood, Victoria

“These new locomotives will be a valuable addition to Pacific National. The 93 Class fleet will deliver additional intermodal services which will enable our company to successfully meet with increasing customer demand. This acquisition is part of a longer term renewal strategy of our assets to further support our vision to be Australia’s leading provider of critical logistics services.”

“The NR workhorses are the backbone of Pacific National’s intermodal operations and the addition of the 93 Class fleet will deepen our supply chain capability across the country.”

CFO & Director
Pacific National Rail
Mr Angus McKay

Project Overview

Pacific National Rail is Australia’s largest Intermodal rail provider and a major supplier of bulk haulage rail services. The company’s hard working business currently operates close to 200 services a week across mainland Australia.

The arrival of Pacific National Rail’s 93 Class locomotives are timely with additional capacity sorely needed to fulfil recently won contracts for moving bulk commodities such as grain and magnetite. The new fleet is part of a longer term renewal strategy by Pacific National Rail that will not only increase haulage capacity, but will also ensure high levels of reliability and availability in delivering their haulage services.

Currently six locomotives numbered 9301 through to 9306 have been delivered from a total order of eleven. These were built by UGL at its production facility in Broadmeadow, Newcastle for Pacific National Rail. The ‘93 Class’ locomotives follow on from the fifteen ‘92 Class’ locomotives delivered to Pacific National Coal for their Hunter Valley haulage operations in 2008.

The Challenge

Pacific National Rail provides interstate rail freight services to freight forwarders, end users and steel manufacturers, as well as intrastate container and bulk commodity rail solutions.

Through its Intermodal operations, Pacific National Rail is the market leader on the East-West and long haul North-South corridors, operating 180 services a week across mainland Australia. The company is also responsible for hauling 95% of all steel transported domestically by rail and has proven experience in moving bulk commodities such as grain, magnetite and aggregates.

With a fleet of more than 350 locomotives, the challenge for Pacific National was to maintain high levels of service while meeting an increased demand for moving intermodal and bulk commodities.  To achieve this objective, Pacific National Rail recognised the importance of introducing new locomotive assets that would ultimately provide greater capacity and certainty of supply to their clients.

The Solution

The 93 Class are representatives of the C44ACi model which are UGL’s latest generation of high performance diesel electric locomotive developed with a focus on client requirements and varying track conditions throughout Australia.

In collaboration with technology partner GE Transportation (GE), UGL has produced a flexible 4500 GHP AC locomotive solution. The C44ACi’s strength is its ability to be utilised for both heavy haul applications and high-speed freight operations. Depending on designated task and fuel load, they weigh in at between 134 and 139 tonnes.

The C44ACi locomotive is the product of UGL engineering and manufacturing combined with advanced traction technology from GE. Pacific National Rail’s Intermodal operations will be the latest to benefit from the advantages of GE’s AC traction package. This package will deliver operational efficiency benefits to Pacific National Rail through improved performances across a wide variety of track gradients and extreme weather conditions.

Key Outcomes and Benefits

The 93 Class is the result of UGL’s intimate knowledge of Pacific National Rail’s intermodal operations. The new fleet represents a continuing evolution in the high performance locomotives that UGL and GE deliver which originated from the outstanding performance of the NR Class.

Key benefits and outcomes included:

  • Delivered greater availability and increased capacity enabling Pacific National Rail to successfully fulfil new haulage contracts
  • A low-noise and well-organised operator cab was custom built to meet Pacific National Rail’s specific driver requirements. Features include air conditioning, easy-to-read screens and an unobstructed front windscreen for a clear track view
  • Deepened Pacific National Rail’s supply chain capability across the country
  • UGL’s specialist engineering and project teams provided a distinct advantage for Pacific National Rail, driving the most effective product solution focused on budget and on-time delivery
  • Able to haul heavier loads with GE’s unique AC individual-axle traction control technology that significantly reduces slippage
  • The 93 Class employs the latest traction package with uses creep control algorithms that deliver adhesion performance previously unseen in Australia
  • Outstanding power output equipped with a 4500 GHP engine
  • Reduced axle centres deceases flange force and wear while travelling along curved track sections
  • Isolated operator cab mounting to reduce vibration and noise transmission
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