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Outstanding flexibility and performance that maximises operational effectiveness

UGL’s C44ACi is the latest generation of high performance diesel electric locomotive developed with a focus on operational requirements and varying track conditions throughout Australia. In collaboration with technology partner, GE Transportation, UGL has produced a 4,500 GHP AC locomotive solution that can be configured to suit a wide range of haulage requirements. This flexibility of design allows for both heavy haul and high speed freight operation and is considered to be a major attribute of the locomotive.

Advanced AC traction technology
The C44ACi locomotive can haul heavier loads because of GE’s industry-leading AC individual-axle traction control technology that significantly reduces slippage on startups, inclines and suboptimal track conditions.

A feature of the locomotive’s AC traction system is an individual inverter per traction motor. These accommodate for greater wheel diameter variations between axles. Another advantage of the six inverter system is that if a traction motor becomes inoperative, the locomotive can complete an assignment with five operating traction motors.

The C44ACi at a glance
  • The flexibility to operate both heavy haul applications and high-speed freight operations
  • Haul heavier loads with GE’s industry-leading AC individual-axle traction control technology that significantly reduces slippage
  • Outstanding power equipped with a 4,500 GHP engine
  • GE’s advanced dynamic braking technology
  • Isolated operator cab mounting to reduce vibration and noise transmission
  • Ergonomically designed low-noise operator cab embodies a well-organised clean and neat style for maximum efficiency
Key features of UGL’s C44ACi fabricated bogies
  • A bogie frame which successfully completed UIC fatigue testing in Europe
  • Increased wheel performance with high hardness Comsteel micro alloy wheels
  • GEB30 AC traction motors are a proven and reliable design in service on over 300 locomotives worldwide
  • A robust design that imparts high resistance to frame distortion
  • A secondary suspension design which reduces rotational stiffness while maintaining control over the occurrence of hunting
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